Tips for Planning a Fundraiser

Events are a powerful way to raise funds for a particular cause- if not the most powerful one that we know of. And to accumulate vast amounts of money from a single event is no easy task! So here are some tips and tricks to hack your fundraiser:

1. Decide the Venue for the Party

Deciding the venue is especially important as the first step as it will determine the course of your party- what kind of food, dress up, and events that should constitute the fundraiser. And if you think you need a little help, head over to Glendale party rentals for some timely help!

2. Define Your Cause

Being clear on what exactly you’re raising money for and who you’re raising it for will help your fundraiser to reach it’s required goal and help you to create a clear promotional strategy and a marketing plan. All other decisions will cascade from this defining statement- the cause of your fundraiser.

3. Create Your Charity Event’s Budget

You’ll need to raise money more than what you spend for the organization of this fundraiser to get some money for your cause. A budget will help keep things and purchases in perspective for you and help prevent you from making non-useful purchases. For more help regarding planning and decorations under your budget, you can head over to party rentals Glendale for extensive menus and decorations.

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4. Pinpoint a Target Audience

Defining a target audience is going to help your fundraiser a lot since it’ll help you decide the kind of activities that you want to keep in the fundraiser to attract attention. For a young target audience or an older audience- you can decide on age-appropriate themes like a black-tie affair, etc. You can even make the target audience not generation specific; instead, a particular type of interest. It can vary according to your preferences.
Defining your audience also helps in deciding the channel for marketing the event, be it social media, flyers, or even word of mouth.

5. Send Out Invites

Sending out invites for the fundraiser is especially important as it advertises your party enough to raise money for the fundraiser. The more people that come- the more money you can raise! Theme based invites, or even some original form of invites, is going to attract a lot of eyeballs to your party! So, don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit, but at the same time, do consider your budget.

6. Marketing and Accepting Donations

Marketing your fundraiser aggressively is an essential step amongst all the other things involved because if you don’t sell your event- who else will? People need to acknowledge the event, and they can only do so through some good, on point marketing strategies. You can’t merely rely on word of mouth for your event; instead, you should take the help of some online modes as well as offline methods of advertising. A little bundle of flyers to go around won’t hurt you that much! Again, the marketing strategies should be smartly planned under your budget.

7. Select a Fundraising Goal and Determine How You’ll Accept Donations

When organizing any fundraiser, it is essential to establish a goal ( amount of money that you aim to raise) that you need to achieve through this event. The goal will help you in deciding the activities you can do to make the same. Also, you need to set specific ways to accept donations so that no penny is wasted due to lack of payment pathways. You can use methods like tickets for the event, etc.